Video Advertising Extraordinary. Safe.

Demand & Supply Connections

Premium & Direct

Owned & Operated media sources
Integrations with industry leading Demand & Supply partners,
including SSPs, SDK providers, selected apps & DSPs

Our Methodology
Advanced Technology

Full Stack Solution

Customizable Video & Ads Player, IAB standards-compatible VAST & VPAID ad units,
Ad Serving, Tracking & Optimization infrastructure, and OpenRTB-compatible Bidder & Auctioner

Our Technology

Generating Added Value

  • Demand


    Unparalleled brand safety
    & ability to reach the right audience on extensive range of end devices

  • Creative


    Detailed delivery tracking & reporting, built-in clients' budget protection

  • Mediation

    DSPs, Exchanges & SSPs

    Real-time media fraud prevention, access to sources with restrictive quality requirements

  • Supply


    Control over ads quality,
    improving retention via engagement with enjoyable & relevant ads

  • Users

    Device Owners

    Lowering device power consumption & advertisement intrusiveness

Video Advertising Technology

State Of The Art

Any Device, Including CTVs

Cross-device support of multiple OS (iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows & Linux) and Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Edge, native in-app environments)

Customization Options

Control all aspects of your campaign's delivery such as Player & VAST/VPAID ad unit behavior, waterfal composition, capping, geo- & device-targeting, and much more

On-Demand Development

We constantly add new features & deliver solutions tailored to our customers' needs

Performance Optimization

Real-time analysis of 14 data points, AI on both client & server sides and low latency computations allow us to reach unpresidented improvement in fill rates & effective RPM

Quality Control

Integrated patent-pending quality monitoring tools: programmatic ads classification & blocking, automatic detection & blocking of spoofed media, VPNs and more

Unlimited Scale & QoS

Highly-available infrastructure with automatic scaling & low latency

Global Reach

Let the numbers do the talking.
After all we're here to do the math
and all the heavy lifting.

Engaged Users

Countries in Demand

Supported OS/Browsers

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